It's not Over , It's a Long Journey to Get Through.

Hey hun. I know it's reluctant to open this without me by your side there. But I need to let you know how much you mean to me that I have to do all this. Please don't cry. I know you're crying. You'll hurt me because I'm part of yours now if you keep leaking. Oh, don't cry. Wipe all those transparent fluid on your pink cheeks. Pull back  your tears that are drooling in your eyes.
I want to let you know that I love you. I never have felt really protective to anybody else before. It might sound peculiar then. I love you. I really do. 
From the first day I met you. You got her smile. My mom's. Though I never met my Mom in person before. I saw her smile in yours. And your laughter. I just felt a tangle of warmth through my soul. 
You keep saying about your beloved 'husband'; Rpattz. With all those funny phrases you've used. Brightened up my days. You are strong. You're lonesome though. People around hurt you. And I, uh, kinda realizing that you 'used' to hating me before. It's funny when I think about it right now. I'm holding tears. What about you? Hold. Clench your fist. Don't cry. 
Just yesterday, together, we watched Remember Me. I did want you to remember me too. Please. I'd be pleased if you'd do. You enjoyed assaulting Ally with such words. I had to hold a laugh hard. I love you. And you found a song. A coincidence. But it means me. But I don't want you to cry. You can scream now. Scream my name. Call me a blonde. haha. I'd love that. You're cute. Cute enough that I could've willingly to die for you later.
But you must keep reading. I know you're crying. 
Hold onto the faith. Be strong. This life is for you. I've been lonely for all this while until I found you. You're a gift. The most precious one I've ever had. 
This is the most sincere one I need to spill out. 
I love you. I love you. 
My life's there in your heart. Close your eyes. Bow your head. Hug Yourself. There lives me. You can feel it. 
Since I'm not there with you, hear to that song you've found for me. Your buddy sent it to you. It's all has been set up in your beloved Apple. haha. I'm sorry I've touched it. 
I'm sorry for everything that have offended you. Achieve your goals, baby. Move to London. Be an author. You'll make good stories but don't write about your sorrow life. Resume your imagination. Elaborate it. My Dad's there for you. He'll support you. Trust me. haha. You'll make a good job as a President too one day. I believe you will. Don't break your faith. Hold onto it with passion. I know you will. Don't cry for me. 
Don't thank me for this. I know you're hurt. I know you are. I didn't do anything after all. Taking care of you while you laying awake on your hospital bed was nothing. I know you're hurt so badly that your buddy said it's a drama. That's funny though. I'm sorry I told your bud about this, too. I apologize for everything I did wrong. 
I love you. I'll miss stroking your hair. Staring you while you're sleeping restlessly. I'll miss you for everything you do. 
Remember hun. 
Shut your eyes. Bow your head. Hug yourself. And you'll find me there. Don't cry. I repeat. 
I remember the time you refused to join me riding the horse at TARA. And the protestant from me enjoying the roller-coaster at Genting Highlands. You were scared, shook your head while licked the ice-cream. Finished it off without even offering it to me. haha. And I've missed holding your hands because you were forcing yourself to enter my house since the rain fell down. I love you. Your hands were warm that time but not now. They are cold enough to make me freeze. 
We've got each other. 
We've got a family. We've built a great relationship. A family. 
I love you. Don't cry. 
Remember Me. 
John Grififth.